Apr. 27th, 2010


Apr. 27th, 2010 07:39 am
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I went away for the weekend with a bunch of people from church, and the most important thing I learnt was about balance, about balancing my life outside the church with my life within the church about balancing weaving the world, the secular communities I work and live in together with helping weave the church I belong together, because currently it's a tattered mess and it sure as hell needs weaving together

About balancing my actions, the things I do and feel passionate about with making space and time and silence to listen to god

I also realised that I'm still really ambivalent about church, about the idea of church about the Idea of church in the world i have knee jerk responses that come from growing up in whackjobsville, where I come from the only reason for the church interacting with people was to evangelise and even if they were doing something good the ulterior motive was evangelising and everything was seen as a failure if it didn't turn people into Christians

If my faith is important to me, and my church is important to me, if those things are as important to me as the other things in my life then I should be putting as much time care and effort into my faith and my church as I do the other things that are important in my life


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