May. 25th, 2010

Paid Piper

May. 25th, 2010 09:34 pm
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Once upon a time I said The pied piper seems to be a trickster archetype, he is very often depicted as a jester figure and I wonder if you could follow the thread far enough you would find at the end a depiction of the God Pan, or some other trickster god. because to me tricksters and gods are kind of intertwined, I automatically see tricksters as gods or godlike figures. Damaged and dangerous gods sometimes, often but still gods

Ive been reading Tanith Lees Red as blood (which is beyond awesome BTW) and the first story the Paid Piper retells it from the position that the piper is a god, but what Terry Pratchett would call a "small god" he only exists so long as people believe in him. He offers the people freedom from cages and ties but they refuse him and his punishment is devastating. but tricksters offer no middle ground and they often offer and give people what they think they want and not what they need. He could have loosened their bonds, and opened t6hir eyes but if you cut all the bonds don't things fall apart, isn't part of being human acknowledging and acting on our ties and responsibility, isn't being human about balance?

The story describes him as a "Vagabond" a beautiful word along with words such as tatterdemalion and ragamuffin, all shapeshifty, tricksterish, pied pipery words

It is a beautiful sad story in which almost everybody loses.


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