Jul. 15th, 2010

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So, there's a very specific sub genre of adolescent literature that goes

  • Once a long time a go there was a worldwide disaster in which almost everyone dies

  • A handful of people survive and create a closed community in a valley/underground/in a person made bubble

  • a mythology/religion/very strict set of rules become an intrinsic part of the community

  • out of this arises an edict to not go outside, outside is dangerous in someway, wasteland, unsurvivably cold, poisonous, full of unimaginably fearsome animals

  • Most of the people in said community believe the rules absolutely and wouldn't dream of not following them

  • But hark! our protagonist enters the scene, said protagonist is always between 12 and 16 and restless, inquisitive and clearly more intelligent than the adults around

  • Protagonist decides they need to see what is outside for themselves despite it being taboo/being punished for it/forecasts of death and destruction.

  • Protagonist escapes community and find they were lied to, outside is survivable and there are other people there

  • ectetera

When this is done well it is absolutely my favorite type of ad lit (except for the nuclear holocaust stuff which doesn't get written any more and I think I've pretty much read all of) when it is done badly it is unutterably boring, but I was thinking someone should totally fuck with the conventions and follow it till the end when the protagonist finds that the stories/rules are all true and they die of whatever it is on the outside and possibly also bring down death and destruction on their community. That would fuck with a few heads.

Also in other ad lit news Tommorow, when the war began has been made into a film

Trailer looks good, I hope it is because I loved the book


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