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Jul. 22nd, 2007 06:54 pm
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rambling about the actual game )

So I was thinking about why I play WoW, why I like it so much. It has been the only thing I have ever found that switches my brain off. Seriously ever in my whole life, Books never did it, they always made me think. Even crap TV never did it because i was always thinking about the politics and media issues and stuff behind them. It is almost like a sort of meditation/dissociation thing. I remember having a conversation with a group of friends about how I thought computer games in excess (and played while young) were really bad for socialisation and learning to connect on deep emotional levels with people and I still stand by that (the person that was arguing against me was one of the most emotionally disconnected and social;y inept people I have ever met so go figure) But there is a balance there, clearly if you do something, anything that involves interacting with a machine all the time you are going to be emotionally and socially stunted and disconnected. But people do need down time, hibernation time.

I tried to interact with other played in wow but first I belonged to a couple of guilds full of wankers who thought rape jokes were funny and who used me because I'm really good at making money and then I got head hunted by an absolutely Kick ass guild and most of them were men, but most of them were 25+ plus with partners and often children and jobs and lives and they behaved like adults. A case in point was one of them did make some joke about gang rape and I was like "hey I'm really not comfortable with that" and instead of calling me a stuck up tightass he apologised. And we used to talk about things that mattered, life and politics and books and films and stuff and they didn't care that I mainly soloed and when I quit Wow to finish my degree I got a lovely email from The Guild master saying they wished me luck and to take care. But Ive thought about it since and though being in that guild was a good positive experience i realise that I don't actually want that level of interaction from WOW. I need it to be my hiding place where I don't have to talk to anyone because when i connect with the world i connect intensely and that take s a whole lot out of me.

Obviously with wow there are things to think about on the pointless humanities spectrum about Internet demographics, gender, sexism, the politics of fantasy/fantasy back stories, depiction of characters etc and I do think about all this and I do enjoy thinking about all this, but I don't do it while I'm playing. when I'm playing i just pretend to be someone else who is just out to kick ass and survive (and that in itself is a whole 'nother post about the mind connections between me and stray and why I prefer playing hunters and rouges who are completely self sufficient and skinners or herbalists)


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